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LEI Co-Founder Addresses Supply Chain Challenges

To our valued customers,

LEI Home Enhancements is committed to maintaining a high level of service to our customers. That is why we are reaching out to all our partners and customers regarding the ongoing materials shortage and supply chain disruption that has impacted so many industries. Shipping and manufacturing lead times are increasing across multiple product lines. For LEI this includes doors, replacement windows, and siding – but the whole of the homebuilding market has been affected.

We are working with our distributors around the country to mitigate the effects of these disruptions as best we can. Our manufacturing partners have put in a tremendous effort to keep pace with demand, but the supply chain issues have compounded during the second half of this year.

Supply Chain Challenges:

  • Global demand for raw materials – Particularly steel, aluminum and plastics
  • Transportation backlogs – U.S. ports are struggling with backlogs of ships, shortage of shipping containers and truck drivers, resulting in surging prices and lead times
  • Labor shortages – Lingering challenges in the labor market, unfilled jobs, and manufacturers short-staffed of skilled workers
  • Government and factory shutdowns – The economy is still feeling the effects of lockdowns that upended worldwide manufacturing

While many of our products are manufactured in the United States, we, like other companies, rely on the global supply chain for raw materials that are essential for production. Supply chain challenges will continue to disrupt our industry in the short term and impact our ability to guarantee the time frames provided.

As a valued customer, we are grateful for your trust and ask for your patience as logistics rebound.


Marc Longworth, Co-Founder


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